How many ways can you naturally flavor water?

The Takeya Fruit Infusion Jug

The Institute of Medicine recommends women drink 11 cups of water daily.

That's a lot.  It's no wonder that most Americans are chronically dehydrated.  Are you one of them?

I know.  It's hard to drink so much water.  I mean, who wants to spend the whole day in the bathroom?  Nevertheless, I have a wonderful product that makes drinking water fun.  It is the Takeya drink maker.  This jug, which I purchased at Costco, will hold some delicious, cold, and satisfying water.  But it also has a top that catches any yummy fixings you might like to use to flavor your water.  (Variety really is the spice of life, right?)

I've been experimenting with my jug, and I thought I'd share my favorite, (and healthy) ideas for flavoring water:

  1. Cucumbers
  2. Fresh Mint.  (Tear leaves to release flavor)
  3. Lemons
  4. Oranges
  5. Limes
  6. A combination of oranges, lemons, limes, and cucumbers
  7. Strawberries
  8. Red Zinger tea bags.  (Or your favorite tea bags).
  9. Honeydew melon
  10. Honeydew melon and cucumbers
Get creative, and let me know if you come up with a great combination.  I love trying new flavors!  

Oh, and by the way, getting enough water in your diet can help you lose weight.  Drink up, ladies.

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