Exercise is not enough

Stand up during work meetings
Source: Dust Jacket Attic
Gym rats may want to reconsider their workout strategies.

At one point we could pat ourselves on the backs for logging sweat sessions at the gym three times each week.  But recent science says not so fast.  Even gym rats are at risk of premature death if they spend most of their days involved in sedentary activities.

Maybe you've read the eye-catching headlines recently.  They often read like this: "Watching TV increases risk of death."  (Scientists use television viewing time to measure sedentary activity.  If you ask me, they ought to throw computer time in there, too).

In a study cited in The New York Times Sunday, Australian researchers demonstrated that each hour of TV viewing shortens a life by 22 minutes.

Now that your healthy living plan has been turned upside down, what should you do?  Keep up the workouts to ensure you continue to build a healthy mind, muscles, and bones.  But consider the rest of your day as well.  Break up long periods of inactivity with bouts of movement.  Book walking meetings.  Stand while talking on the phone.  Walk the halls of the office when you get up for a bathroom break.  Emulate that fidgety child you have at home.  Think constant movement, ladies.

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