The power of a gentle reminder

Source: via Christine on Pinterest
Putting gentle reminders around your house to encourage good health habits may help you keep them.

Researchers posted signs encouraging people to walk rather than ride the elevator at a housing site, a clinic, and an academic building.  The mere presence of the signs resulted in a 35% increase in stair use.  The report is published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Hmm...How could you encourage healthy habits for yourself?  How about posting a picture of a gorgeous salad on your refrigerator to encourage vegetable consumption?  Perhaps you could keep a photo of a runner by your computer to keep you focused on your running goals.  Maybe an inspirational phrase, or a pedometer, will get you moving throughout the day.  If a sign can be so effective in helping you achieve your healthy living goals, it's worth posting one, don't you think?

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