Healthy eating on the road

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It's spring and the travel season is upon us.  If you are like me, the economic crash of 2008 wiped out cash reserves for luxuries like flying.  My family and I have become road warriors, logging over 7,000 highway miles over the last two years.

Many of these road trips require food to sustain a hungry crew for multiple meals stretched out over several days.  Because I refuse to stop for fast food, I've been getting practice trying out car-friendly foods.  Here are my tips, based on our latest, 18-hour drive to Florida.  (I tried to chose high nutrient foods that can sustain time in a car and had minimal, negative impact on the environment).

  1. Prepare a cooler to hold all perishable foods.  If you have several ice packs and a good seal, the cooler will stay cold overnight.
  2. Pack two high protein sandwiches with whole wheat bread for each passenger.  The kids opted for peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.  I made roasted turkey, avocado, and mustard sandwiches for me and my husband.  (Skip tomatoes.  They make the bread soggy).
  3. Pack a variety of vegetables and require each passenger to choose one to eat with each meal.  What works well:
    1. Sliced green, red, orange, and yellow peppers
    2. Cherry tomatoes
    3. Sugar snap peas
    4. Carrots and hummus.  (Sabra makes snack sized hummus containers perfect for travel).
  4. Include an array of fresh fruit.  (Again, require consumption at each meal).  My favorites include:
    1. Sliced apples
    2. Grapes 
    3. Strawberries
    4. Raspberries
    5. Clementines, peeled
    6. Bananas
  5. Don't forget high protein snacks
    1. Hard boiled eggs, peeled
    2. Cashews
    3. Almonds
    4. Cheese sticks
  6. I always include a few, miscellaneous snacks
    1. Dried cherries
    2. Dried mangos
    3. Popcorn
    4. Gorp: a mix of almonds, dried cherries, and dark chocolate chips
    5. A fun snack chosen by the kids
  7. For drinks, include milk and water.  I usually start the kids off with milk and then switch to water to avoid spoilage.
Happy, healthy travels.

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