FDA confirms: "You Are What You Eat"

What is lurking in your delicious steak dinner?
Source: chefalaporte.com

Do you remember when your high school health teacher introduced you to the slogan, "You Are What You Eat"?

Nowhere does the truth of this phrase become more evident than in the FDA's decision to lay out new rules that urge producers to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock.

Last week the FDA announced its decision to ask livestock producers to use antibiotics only when prescribed by a veterinarian and only to address a specific health problem or disease.  (Today some producers use antibiotics to promote growth in their animals).

The agency cited the risks associated with eating meat that may contain bacteria resistant to important antibiotics like penicillin.  Eating these meats can introduce resistance to antibiotics in humans, a serious public health issue.

Unfortunately, the FDA asked, but did not require, producers to comply.  That means you have to be a vigilant consumer.  Check the packaging of all meat before you purchase it, and buy meat that hasn't been treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.

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