Celebrate spring with pineapple

Serve pineapple with a salad and a mahi mahi burger.

It's true.  We had a mild winter.  We had an easy winter.  Heck, we saw the sun in Cleveland, more than twice.

But I'm still celebrating spring's impending arrival with as much enthusiasm as ever.

How?  I'm cooking up some Hawaiian inspired dishes.  It's nothing fancy, because I don't know how to do fancy.  It is, however, delicious: sauteed pineapple.  Simply pour a tablespoon of oil in a pan with some sea salt and pepper and add bite-sized chunks of pineapple.  Brown over medium-high heat and serve as a side with chicken or fish.  You can also dice the pineapple and load on top of seared scallops or shrimp.

It feels warm already, doesn't it?

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