Food myths

learn to cook whole foods for $5 and under

Somebody (hint: powerful food companies) waged a great campaign.  They told us fast food was cheaper than whole food, and we believed it.  Thoroughly convinced, we began to choose McDonald's, Wendy's or Hardee's over healthier, home-cooked meals.  It was certainly easier than slaving away in the kitchen.  If it were cheaper, too, why not?

But time always reveals the truth eventually, and we've learned junk food is not cheaper than real food.  Slow food USA, a global organization whose goal is to encourage people to discover that eating whole foods is good for one's health, community, and the environment, has the proof.  The organization recently launched a program called the $5 challenge.  Here, Americans were asked to submit healthy meal ideas that would feed an individual for $5 or less.

Guess what?  There are thousands of ideas and recipes listed there.  Check it out.

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