How to protect your man's heart

Men who exercise can reduce their risk of heart attack

Valentine's Day is approaching, and I have a fabulous gift idea for your husband or significant other: running shoes.  Not just any running shoes, but a cool pair that will inspire him to get off the couch, leave the computer, and set down his mobile phone.

According to a study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, men who perform three hours of high intensity exercise each week can reduce their risk of heart attack by as much as 22%.

Your honey isn't a runner?  No problem.  Brainstorm other ways to get his heart pumping: a gym membership, personal training sessions, swimming, rowing, or club sports like hockey, basketball, soccer, and football would all do.

Or perhaps you could register for couples' dancing classes.  This is the perfect time to learn the Tango, don't you think?

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