Getting kids to beg for vegetables

I know how to get your child to eat her vegetables, and I'm not talking about a couple bites of peas followed by a milk chaser.  I'm talking about devouring a whole sweet potato, beet, or bunch of carrots.

I know.  You are woozy just from the idea of your child downing nutrient dense food, then begging for more.  How can this be?

The answer is simple: make the vegetable in question a chip.  You may already have tried one of my kids' favorites, kale chips.  Now it's time to up the ante.

Enter the TopChips Kit by Mastrad, your new ally in creating quick, easy and healthy food for your family.

The kit contains a rubber tray riddled with holes and a food slicer.  Slice the vegetable or fruit of your choice, lay the slices on the tray, and microwave for 6 minutes (or less if you are lucky enough to have a microwave younger than you are).

The result?  Crispy, yummy chips sans  butter or oil.  Lightly salt and watch the kids dig in.  Here's the proof:


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