Ring in the new year without a diet resolution

Source: skiptomylou

We are well into the holiday season and I sincerely hope you've been breaking your usual diet and exercise rules.  I wish for you an extra glass of wine at the neighbor's annual Christmas party, a delicious, silky piece of Grandma's decadent fudge, a cup of green tea along with your favorite, buttery teacakes, and a missed spinning class in lieu of an office party with your favorite co-workers.

At this pace, though, can you make it to New Year's day without having to make that dreaded New Year's diet resolution?

The answer is an emphatic "yes."  How?  Look at your diet and exercise goals creatively.  Take your thinking out of the ordinary and predictable.  You might just shake things up enough to inspire your current routine.  Here are some tips:

  1. Don't let an indulgence lead to a collapse in your will.  Get back to your usual eating habits the next day.
  2. Don't fret about missed exercise.  Work it in when you can and strive to increase activity throughout your day.  (Remember: you don't have to be in a formal exercise setting to burn calories).  Do some speed walking at the mall as you contemplate gifts.  Hand deliver (and save on postage) the holiday cards to your neighbors and friends who live close by.  Take a walk in the snow.  Do jumping jacks as you wait for cookies to bake.
  3. Your kids may be home from school this week, making it hard to get to the gym.  Model a healthy lifestyle instead.  Go skating, sledding, or skiing.  Make a snowman.  Shovel the walks together.  Leave the car at home and walk to the library.  Play tag for 20 minutes.  Suss out the streets with the best Christmas lights and plan a walk one evening after dinner.  
Enjoy the season.  Be creative.  Take note of what works and what doesn't.  You'll be well prepared to ring in the New Year feeling confident and healthy.

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