10 best gifts for female fitness enthusiasts

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If you are like me, this is the time in December when you feel you might like to boycott the Christmas festivities and hijack a plane to Bali.  You have shopping to do, gifts to wrap, Christmas cards to write, cookies to bake, and trees to trim.  You love it all.  But with a couple young children in tow, even the merriest tasks cam somehow become tedious.

So I'm here to lend a little help in the gift-giving department.  If you are struggling with gift ideas for a female fitness enthusiast, fret no more.  I've got some great ideas:

  1. 10 sessions with a personal trainer.  A woman who loves exercise and fitness will relish the ability to work with someone who can focus on her goals individually.  
  2. A massage.  A woman who works her body hard has great respect for what the human body can do.  Generally, she likes to care for it, and a massage is a wonderful way to thank a body for performing well.
  3. A healthy cooking class.  Adult education classes are a fun way to learn cooking techniques and diversify a healthy diet.
  4. Health and fitness magazines.  If your gal likes to read, chances are she'd love a magazine that shares healthy cooking ideas and exercise techniques.  Try Shape, Health, Clean Eating, and Women's Health.  
  5. An iTunes card.  Perhaps the woman in your life can't exercise without Beyonce or Lady Gaga.  Give her some cash so she can spice up her workout with new, energizing tunes.
  6. Lululemon clothing.  Women who love the gym love Lululemon.  (Psst!  I'm confident in telling you that any article of clothing selected from this store will be a hit).  If she doesn't have anything yet, get her the ever popular Groove Pant, which will make her ass look as perky as a teenager's.
  7. Toe Sox.  Does your woman exercise barefoot? Toe Sox may be just what she needs to keep the tootsies warm while exercising.  
  8. Small home exercise equipment.  If she tends to work out at home, get her something to help facilitate it.  Try workout DVD's, flex-bands, toning balls, foam rollers, stability balls, and mats.  The STOTT website has great products and promotions this month.
  9. A pedicure.  A session that includes massaging the feet and polishing the toes is a great indulgence loved by all women, especially those who work out barefoot.
  10. Green products.  Health and fitness enthusiasts tend toward green living.  Consider pretty re-usable shopping bags, a water bobble, jewelry made from recycled products, and earth friendly skin care products and make-up. 
Now what are your ideas for a 47-year-old man who says he doesn't need anything?

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