Fat makes you stupid

Source: piccsy

If you need another reason to stay fit and keep your weight under control, here's a compelling one: fat makes you stupid.  

According to research conducted by Daniel Amen MD, a neuropsychiatrist who wrote The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off, overweight people have less brain volume than those who enjoy a healthy weight.    Moreover, in the course of his studies, Amen found the brains of overweight people look an average of eight years older than the brains of people who have healthy BMI scores.  Obese people, whose BMIs are over 30, have brains that look 16 years older than their healthy counterparts.  

Fat, says Amen, produces inflammation that damages the brain.  In particular, it damages the frontal lobes which drive decision making activities.  This inflammation also leaves overweight people at greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease later in life.  

No one wants to lose brain power.  Boost that IQ by taking care of your body.  Move it and feed it well.  Today.  

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