Are you wasting money on vitamins?

Source: Voorbeeldvan

$28 billion down the drain?   The Nutrition Business Journal reports the dietary supplement industry had $28 billion in sales last year, but researchers say the money spent was money wasted for the average, healthy person.

If you grew up on Flintstones vitamins and continue to pop a multivitamin to ensure your body receives the proper nutrients, you may want to review your health strategy.  Recent studies highlight cases where taking supplements ranging from multivitamins to vitamin E and calcium do more harm than good.  Taking calcium supplements can cause your arteries to harden, increasing your risk of heart attack or stroke.  Popping vitamin E may increase the risk of prostate cancer, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

And the trusted multivitamin?  Research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that taking multivitamins results in earlier death.

What to do?  It's back to basics, gals.  Don't be lazy when it comes to your diet, because relying on a vitamin to fill in the holes is not the answer.  Experts have always agreed that the best way to get nutrients is through a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.  For better health, eat your spinach, and get your child to eat his, too.

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