Take the burden out of exercise

I know why you skipped out on your last workout: it felt like a chore, and spending that time on something else was more appealing.  When activities get put on a "to-do" list they can become burdensome, and let's face it, that happens a lot when it comes to exercise.

If exercise has become a chore rather than a physical and mental outlet that inspires, try reframing your thinking this week.

Take a cue from your children and make exercise childlike and fun:

Source: remodelista.com

Make physical fitness social by involving your best friend, whomever that may be:

Source: imgfave.com

Treat not just your body, but your mind to a rejuvenating session.  Surround yourself with beauty:

Source: yagudove.blog.com

Challenge yourself by asking your body to move in different, awe-inspiring ways:
Source: promotingpowerfulpeople.tumblr.com

What will you do this week?  Put some time into planning a workout that will appeal to your mind, body, and senses.  You'll be sure to keep your appointment and go back for more.

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