How to exercise in minutes, not hours

Source: Real Simple

If you are busy, stressed out, and short on time I have some good news for you.  According to researchers, you can get real health benefits from small, yet intense, bursts of activity.  In a study published in the American Journal of Human Biology scientists demonstrate that a short, intense sweat session is indeed worth the time, even if that time is a couple of minutes.  Participants in the study either ran four to six 30-second sprints or they ran at a moderate pace for 20 minutes.  After seven weeks, each group had similar health gains: lower blood pressure, increased aerobic fitness, and lower BMI.

Hmmm.. Where can you squeeze some time out of that hectic schedule?  Is it while your child is watching Dinosaur Train?  Is it on your lunch break?  Could it be when you simply need to put your work down and clear your head?  Is it during your child's nap time?  Is it in between loads of laundry?  Find those minutes and put them to good use.

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