Apple sandwiches

Kids love making these yummy apple sandwiches

If it is autumn and you have young children, chances are you have a refrigerator full of apples you are desperately trying to consume.  Why?  Because taking the kids apple picking has become a fall tradition that is just as important as hanging stockings from the fireplace at Christmas time and sipping lemonade under a tree on a blistering day in July.

If you haven't the time or inclination to bake those apples, you may be on the "apple a day" diet.  Here's a fun way to add a bit of variety to your diet, and the kids will love helping you both make and devour these sandwiches.  They make great after-school snacks!

Apple sandwiches:

  1. Wash and core apples
  2. Slice apples 
  3. Spread all natural, organic peanut butter on a slice
  4. Sprinkle with granola and dried cherries 
  5. Top apple slice with another slice, creating a crunchy sandwich 
  6. Enjoy with a glass of skim milk 

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