Travel makes us fat, but you can be the exception

Source: The Luxstyle Life
There are few experiences that would make me relish the thought of a 15-hour car ride to reach my ultimate destination, but traveling on an airplane is one of them.  This past weekend I was reminded of just how annoying air travel has become.  Poor customer service, terrible food, rude flight attendants, frequent delays, and high add-on fees for luggage and entertainment are just a few of the many annoyances the average traveler encounters on her trip navigating the "friendly skies."

But researchers from Columbia University have uncovered even more troubling aspects of travel.  According to their study, people who travel for business frequently have a higher BMI, a higher rate of obesity, and lower levels of good cholesterol than non-traveling folk do.  Moreover, they are more likely to rate their own health as poor.

Of course, this is not surprising, as it is difficult to find nutritious foods in airports and being away from home is also disruptive to workout routines.  Don't let travel compromise your health.  Here are a few tips to staying slim while traveling:
  1. Plan for unexpected delays.  Pack almonds, apples, whole wheat crackers, and dried fruit to keep you satiated.  Then you won't have to down a candy bar in the airport when you are ravenous and healthier options aren't readily available.
  2. When purchasing food at the airport, try to get some high protein sandwiches or snacks to help you stay full.  A turkey or grilled chicken sandwich is a good choice.  Pair it with fresh fruit if you can find it.
  3. Take a workout routine with you.  Try carrying some flex bands, which you can use anywhere.  Pilates exercises can be done with them no matter where you are, and you perform the exercises barefoot.  This means you don't have to forgo valuable space in your carry-on for bulky sneakers.
  4. Whether you can make it to the gym or not, stay active throughout your trip.  Walk the airport if you have a layover.  Walk around your hotel after dinner.  Take walks on your lunch breaks.  Seek out opportunities to keep your body moving throughout the day.
  5. Don't eat on the run.  Make sure you sit down for three meals whenever possible.  Eating meals "on the go" often means taking in highly processed foods that have loads of salt, fat, and sugar. 
  6. Stay hydrated.  Air travel is dehydrating, and a dehydrated body may mistake thirst for hunger.  Take an empty water bottle through security and fill it at the drinking fountain.  Drink from it often.

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