Stealth cooking for weight management

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

If you've been reading my blog over the last couple years you probably know I'm not a fan of sneaky cooking techniques a la Jessica Seinfeld.  I understand, wholeheartedly, the desperation a parent can feel to get something green, anything green, into her child's body.  I question, however, the ability to teach children good eating habits and help them develop a taste for healthy foods by stuffing those foods into brownie and pancake mix.

But what about stealth cooking for adults?  Researchers from Pennsylvania State University found that people who consume foods containing 25% pureed vegetables eat an average of 360 fewer calories each day.  (This is real weight management: a person who consumes 360 fewer calories per day will lose 38 pounds in a year).

Considering the obesity crisis here in the United States, I'm beginning to think there may well be a spot for Seinfeld's cookbook in the average American kitchen, or at least her ideas.  Perhaps adding pureed vegetables to a few of yur favorite dishes is an easy way to keep you satiated and trim.  There's certainly no harm in trying it out.  Add pureed vegetables to homemade bread, macaroni and cheese, soup, and spaghetti sauce.  Added nutritional content and a bulk that makes you feel full so you ultimately get a slimmer waistline?  I love tasks that achieve two objectives at once.

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