Secrets to living a sustained, healthy lifestyle

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What is a photo of a mouth-watering, delicious, chocolate mousse dessert doing on a health and wellness blog?

The answer is simple, really.  With this blog my mission is to demonstrate that living healthy is living well: no deprivation, no 5:00 am boot camp, no cayenne pepper detox, no tedious treadmill intervals, and no vow to forever abstain from dessert is needed.

Are you relieved?  I hope so, and I have more good news.  My own experiences, as well as the experiences I've shared with my clients over the last ten years, have taught me two fundamental truisms about leading a healthy lifestyle that are unexpected in a tremendously good way.  I hope they give you a new way to look at your own pursuit of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. People who successfully live healthy lifestyles do not deprive themselves of food.  Instead, they tend to have have diets that some might consider adventuresome.  They try and enjoy a wide variety of meats, fish, vegetables, whole grains and fruits.  They eat proteins and fats.  They also enjoy cocktail parties, dining out, and yes, decadent desserts on special occasions.  (Remember, you are in this for the long haul.  Indulgences are necessary to enable you to be good the rest of the time).
  2. Those who can sustain a healthy weight aren't usually gym rats.  Instead, they are curious people who seek out activity, whether it be learning ballet or Pilates, walking to work, hiking with the family, taking up gardening, trying a new form of yoga, or running a marathon.  They make activity part of their lifestyle.  It is not a chore, but an opportunity to try new things and see just how much they can push their bodies to do new, challenging things.
When leading a healthy lifestyle begins to feel like a chore it's time to review your approach, because life should be delicious, each and every day.

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