Fido the workout buddy

Source: Classy in the City

If you've ever worked out or trained for an event with a buddy, you know how powerful the presence of a friend can be.  A buddy keeps you honest.  Though you might bail on the gym if you had only to answer to yourself, you are far less likely to bail on your friend.  And, working out with a friend makes your sweat session a social event that, dare I say, you might even look forward to.

It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that Fido makes a pretty good workout buddy as well.  According to the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, dog owners are 34% more likely to walk for a minimum of 150 minutes per week than those who don't own dogs.  Those same dog owners are also 69% more likely to engage in physical activities, like dancing, playing sports, or gardening, in their free time.

Could the cost of caring for a dog be offset by the health benefits associated with having one?

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