Resisting temptation takes 15 minutes

Source: Bright Ideas
Chocolate, and the simple pleasure of eating it, evokes strong reactions and emotions.  The rich, silky dessert is often described as romantic, decadent, sensual, comforting and ultimately satisfying.  Some claim it is an aphrodisiac.  Chocoholics claim addiction to it.

Bottom line: some people can't live without their chocolate indulgence.  It is simply very difficult to resist, even for the most disciplined.

With this in mind, researchers at the University of Exeter decided to test the effects of exercise on one's ability resist this ultimate temptation.


You know what they found? After just 15 minutes of moderate exercise, test subjects were better able to resist their favorite chocolates even after an imposed chocolate fast and a situation where they were asked to handle and unwrap those luscious chocolates but told not to eat them.

Why is this significant?  Because you have 15 minutes.  You may be busy, (who isn't?) but you can find 15 minutes to move your body.

Researchers found this 15 minutes will:
  1. Make you healthier physically
  2. Improve your mental health
  3. Help you resist eating temptations
  4. Enforce healthy living habits
What are you waiting for?

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