Saving your neighborhood, one bag at a time

Source: Pinterest

I first developed the habit of toting my own bags to the grocery store in 2006, when I moved to the bohemian town, Maplewood, New Jersey.  This town is an oasis of environmental activity, where composting and hanging your laundry outside to dry is commonplace.

At first I thought creating a bag toting habit would be difficult, but I soon learned that the embarrassment and sense of shame that came with being the only person at the store without my own bags was a quick antidote to forgetfulness.

Now that toting my own bags to the grocery store is a well ingrained habit, my goal is to move beyond the grocery store this year.  My eyes are set on the next level, which I consider to be the big box store.  I'm thinking Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and the like.

Sure, there are some places where toting your own fabric bags, like Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue, just doesn't feel quite right.  But there are others, like Lowe's and CVS, where plunking your own bags into a cart before shopping feels downright sophisticated.  Care to join me?

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