Do you protect your scalp from the summer sun?

I'm easy to spot at the pool.  I'm the crazy lady with the swim shirt, big sunglasses, and baseball cap.  My get-up is so far from attractive, fashionable, or sexy, words whose meaning I usually strive to meet with my average outfit, that I struggle with the right adjectives to describe it.  Ugly?  Practical?  Neurotic?  Perhaps all three fit the bill.

I'm okay looking like this, because I've had skin cancer, and that's plenty to change your attitude towards fashion, sun, and summer fun.  And even though I miss bikinis and would love to indulge in a glamorous retro suit, I've become comfortable with looking like, ahem, crap at the pool.  As I see it, the pool is not a bad place to look your worst, because the water, wind, and sunscreen challenges the looks of even the most beautiful.

But sometimes you can't be so carefree about your ugliness.  Garden parties, graduations, and weddings all call for a bit more respectable attire.  This creates a balancing act for me and countless others trying to look appropriate, feel good, yet protect ourselves from the sun.

Here's what I mean: after four surgeries on my scalp, my dermatologist told me I ought never go outside without a hat.  Well, this is almost impossible and often impractical.  Though I've built up a hat collection over the last few years, I don't always feel like I want to, or should, wear one.  So, I wanted to share a great find with you: a product that has SPF for your scalp.  You may be thinking you don't need it.  I urge you to rethink that.  If you have fair skin and thin hair, you absolutely need to think about scalp protection.  If you don't, you probably still need to think about it.  And protecting that skin, which is almost always subjected to the harsh rays of the sun, just got a bit easier with Hair Shadz, by Monimay.
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This dry shampoo contains natural minerals that protect your scalp while extending the life of your blow-out. Yes, it's a little expensive, but worth more than it's price if it protects you from cancer.  And this product proves that you can be protected while looking your best.  When fashion meets function, it's a beautiful thing, don't you think?

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