Eleven cups of water daily? No problem

Ahhh... it's summer. For those of us in the North, summer is a unique and short, three-month stretch when we cease to escape the weather. Instead, we indulge in it. We gingerly leave windows and doors open, allowing a breeze to flow through the house. We eat meals on our patios and sip drinks on our doorsteps as children play outside. We bike, play tennis and golf, hike, garden, and walk the dog. If we can create an excuse to be outside, we do. It is, truly, divine.

All of this increased outside activity is good for our health and our souls. But increased activity, combined with sizzling temperatures, can lead to dehydration. You probably already know the reasons to stay hydrated: our bodies are 60% water, and our organs cannot function properly without it. Water helps flush toxins from our systems and carries nutrients to our cells.

How much water do we need?  The Institute of Medicine recommends that men consume 16 cups and women consume 11 cups daily.

That's a lot. How can you do it without adding to your waistline? This is a serious question for millions of Americans who simply don't find water, ahem, very satisfying. Guess what? I have a silver bullet for you:

The Takeya Fruit Infusion Jug
This drink maker makes water sassy, cool, minty, juicy, fruity, and fun.  Use your imagination to stir up some water that leaves you giddy with excitement to guzzle it down.  Infuse it with fresh mint, or slices of lemon, lime, and orange.  The jug has a cool top that catches leaves, fruit rinds, or whatever else you may have dipped into your water, leaving you with a perfect pour that is sure to have you coming back for 10 more.  Drink up, friends!

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