Drink up! Your favorite cup of joe is a health food

Coffee is full of heart healthy antioxidants
photo: Ahmed Rabea
I'm not a morning person, but my favorite part of the day is definitely the moment after I've just poured a dash of half and half into a steaming cup of dark roast coffee, anticipating my first sip.  I find the smell, the warmth, and the taste of that beloved cup of joe both wonderful and luxurious.  Pair it with The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times and I might even disregard the pesky fact that I'm flanked by two young children fighting over the last waffle and spilling juice on the floor.

Every morning that cup of coffee is my little luxury, both from an emotional and health perspective.

But coffee doesn't have to be deemed a luxury.  A new study published in the journal Stroke indicates that women who drink at least one cup of coffee each day can decrease their risk of developing stroke by as much as 25 percent.  Why?  Coffee is chock full of antioxidants, and the darker the roast, the richer your brew of the heart healthy stuff.

So make your luxury a necessity.  Never miss it.  Enjoy it.  Insist your children allow you to take care of your health for a peaceful 15 minutes every morning.

Mornings just got better, didn't they?

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