Don't redistribute fat on your body

I'll admit right now that I am not immune to bad television programming.  Though I consider myself fairly intelligent, I have a subversive desire to watch the crazy, baseless, and mindless housewives on Bravo.  And why not?  These shows offer comic relief, validate the notion that money can't buy happiness, and offer pure, stupid entertainment.  What else could you want from a contraption that has been aptly named the boob tube?

A few weeks ago I turned on the television to find the Atlanta housewives in the midst of a fat zapping party.  Here, partygoers could, and did, nosh on pizza and down wine at the same time that they lay underneath a rotating laser contraption, zerona, that is designed to eliminate fat cells in trouble areas like the thighs and tummy.

Eat pizza and get a fabulous body at the same time?  Is this how the rich do it?

If you are feeling a tinge of jealousy, don't.  A study published in the journal Obesity indicates when fat is removed from the body, it comes back in different places.  That's right.  Have work done on your thighs and the fat is likely to turn up on your stomach.  Remove it from your stomach and you may find it growing on your butt.  Why?  Researchers say the body "defends" its fat.  Sucking out fat or killing it with a fat zapping contraption ultimately results in fat redistribution.

Hmm.  Thousands of dollars to re-arrrange fat deposits?  I'm glad I didn't fall for that one.  Aren't you?

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