Spinach souffle for dummies

Everyone needs a cheat.  You know what I mean, an extra glass of wine at dinner, silky smooth cream poured into each morning's coffee, a day off from the gym, a gooey chocolate molten lava cake for dessert.  These little indulgences are important aspects of living a healthy life.  Why?  They make life pleasurable, and they make resisting temptation possible at other times.

Over the past couple of years I've been working on reducing the number of processed foods in my house.  This has resulted in loads more fresh meat, fruits and vegetables in the house.  Of course, I love this.  It has increased the number of food items with real, substantive, nutrient value.

But there is an unhappy consequence.  There aren't many food items I can pull off the shelf, heat, and set on the table at a moment's notice.  For busy families, this can be a problem.

Thus, I have to share this cheat with you, which my mother recently introduced to me:

Are you shocked?  Me too.  To me, Stouffer's is the TV tray company that delivers nasty dinners for kids whose parents are going out for the evening.  Remember the turkey drenched in gravy and the brownie that always had kernels of corn baked into it?  

I can assure you, dear reader, that this souffle will make you think about Stouffer's products entirely differently.  Here's what I like about this souffle, which is my vegetable cheat for the occasional brunch or dinner when I need to throw something in the oven and forget about it:
  1. The ingredients are actual food items.  No funny stuff.  This souffle contains spinach, skim milk, eggs, water, soybean oil, starch, wheat flour, sugar, salt, spice.  I think Michael Pollan would be proud.
  2. There are no preservatives or transfats
  3. Instructions include placing the tray in the oven.  Even the most challenged among us can handle this, right?
So how does it taste?  My husband, who favors taste over health, had this reaction: "There must be something bad in this.  It tastes so good."

Enough said.

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