The (almost) sugar-free Easter egg hunt

Fill eggs with grow capsules, stickers, temporary tattoos, pretzels, & other treats

No one wants to be a party pooper, but we all want the best for our kids.  To me, that means a continued (though not anal) focus on building and demonstrating a healthy lifestyle.  How do you do that when faced with a holiday traditionally known for candy and sweets?

Breathe a sigh of relief.  Easter, unlike Halloween, can be well managed, because you are in control.  By now, you should have some great ideas for how to construct an Easter basket that limits sweets, but what will you do about your egg hunt?  I love to go with moderation, as it is so undervalued in American culture.  This means I'll stuff some candy in my eggs, but I'll find other goodies as well.

Here are my egg stuffing ideas:

  1. Jelly beans
  2. Goldfish, mini pretzels, or another favorite treat
  3. Stickers (Craft stores have cute felt stickers that fit well in plastic eggs)
  4. Temporary tattoos
  5. Grow capsules (Buy capsules at drug or craft stores.  They contain foam figures that emerge when dropped in warm water.  We love to choose a few capsules at bath time and throw them in the tub).
  6. Cheerios
  7. Nuts
  8. Raisins
  9. Trail mix
  10. Coins (Money is a good option for older kids.  Use lots of coins.  Reserve a few dollars for very well hidden eggs).
Have a happy and healthy holiday.

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