Is Diet Coke a food group?

Add color to your diet
photo: Fir0002

Though two-thirds of Americans are considered either overweight or obese, a study conducted by Consumer Reports on Health found that 90% of Americans believe their diets are healthy.

Not surprisingly, the study authors said the average American's definition of healthy eating was, ahem, questionable.  For most of us, sugary drinks and fatty foods, it seems, are considered healthy food items.  Unfortunately, this is not all that surprising, as Americans like to think Diet Coke is a legitimate food group, french fries are vegetables, pretzels are grains and apple juice is fruit.

Poor Michelle Obama.  Just how many educational and governmental health initiatives need to be rolled out before Americans understand and embrace the elements of a healthy diet?

If you are feeling a bit guilty about your own diet right now, don't.  This month is National Nutrition Month, and you have an opportunity to review and revise your diet.  In an effort to emphasize the need for balance and variety in diet, this year's campaign, sponsored by the American Dietetic Association, focuses on color.  Today, fill your plate with bright red tomatoes, beautiful blue-green asparagus, and deep purple blackberries.  Sounds better than brown soda, right?

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