Don't let age stomp all over your face

Never one to give up on a fight, I've spent the last year and a half battling the fine lines and occasional bags that think it is their right to stomp all over my face, just because I'm getting a bit older.

And a fierce battle it has been.  

It is hard work fighting time, and it can be expensive.  But I decided that's no reason to give up.  After all, I might still have another 50 years of staring at myself in the mirror each morning.  I don't want to be horrified at what I see for the latter half of my life.  That's just too depressing.  

Fortunately, I finally found some winners, and I want to share them with you.   For some reason, information about good make-up for older women is scarce.  So here it is, dear reader.  I hope it saves you time, heartache, and money.  I know it will make you look and feel fabulous.

To my surprise, Stila's One Step Correct primer is an amazing primer.  It doesn't look fancy; it isn't from the Red Sea, and it isn't very pricey.  The lesson?  Never be seduced by packaging and product claims.  Though I preferred the texture of a lot of other primers, Stila's is the ONLY one I've found that fills in the tiny lines under my eyes, creating a perfect canvas for concealer.  It is the only primer that I don't have to check and re-check in an effort to dab concealer pooling under my eyes, which couldn't shout "old" much more than any other make-up blunder.

I found out about Make Up Forever's HD concealer from an employee at Sephora.  My source?  A 20-year-old girl with a pierced tongue and hideous neon purple eye shadow.  I must admit I was skeptical.  I was also a desperate woman who would do just about anything to land the perfect product.  So against my better judgment, I bought it.  Now I love that girl and hope to see her every time I visit Sephora.  She was right.  This concealer is light and resists settling into lines, yet it also provides good coverage.  This is the only concealer I've tried that can successfully accomplish both these things.  Run, don't walk, to get this product.

I love this next product for waking up my eyes.  Benefit's Mr. Frosty highlighter pen is perfect for strategically placing emphasis around the eyes to create a young, fresh look.  Just go light on it.  Use the pen to put a tiny line of frost just under the eyebrows.  Then draw right at the corner of the eyes where shadows can lurk by the bridge of the nose.  

Time will march on, but I refuse to let it march on my face.  Since money for botox is scarce, now you know my beauty secrets.  Try them out, and let me know what yours are.  I'll never stop looking for the perfect product.

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