Beautiful butts will soon grace Northeastern Ohio

If you are not familiar with the athletic wear manufactured by Canadian company lululemon athletica, I want to let you in on a secret.  Save living a healthy lifestyle (which I know you already do), there is no better way to look great than to wear their clothing.  In particular, I am referring to the famous groove pant, which has an amazing way of showcasing, tightening, and otherwise beautifying the derriere.

What's in a pant, you may ask?  I'm not sure just what mix of cotton, spandex, lycra, seaming, and design is cooked up to create this pant.  What I do know is there is not a single ass that does not look good when sporting them.

Imagine my delight, then, when I went to Eton mall with the mundane task of finding a Chuggington birthday present for my 6-year-old, to find that lululemon is preparing to open a store there.

Ladies, this is good news for you.  It is good news for your boyfriends.  It is good news for your husbands.  Go try them on.  ASAP.  

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