Take Pilates out of the studio

Do you hold your head in neutral while driving around town?
photo: Derrick Coetzee

Are you leaving your Pilates practice in the studio?  Pilates is a unique form of exercise that heightens body awareness and allows you to take its principles into every day life, enhancing your health.  Reap the full benefits of Pilates by thinking about what you've learned in the studio and how you can apply it not just to perform the perfect Teaser or Snake, but to enhance your daily activities.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  1. Are you one of the millions of Americans who hangs her head forward while driving around town?  Use your knowledge of head placement to correct this bad habit.  You remember how to hold your head in neutral, right?  (Hint: locate that notch behind your head, the EOP, then adjust your head so that your nose is in the same plane).  Get in your car and adjust your rear view mirror so you can drive with your head in neutral.  
  2. Pay careful attention when you carry a load in front of you.  Many people will shift their hips forward and shift their ribs back to accommodate weight carried in front of the body.  Next time you pick up your load of baby, groceries or books, check the mirror to adjust your posture accordingly.  
  3. Take a look at your office or home desk.  Arrange your monitor so that you can hold your head in neutral as you type.  Make sure your arms are supported and you can sit without hunching over the keyboard.  If you can, alternate between a supportive chair and a stability ball as you work.
How do you apply the principles of Pilates to your daily life?

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