Combating sway back posture

I see a lot of sway back posture among my female clients.  These women carry themselves as if they are carrying a child, even when they are not.  Their ribs are displaced behind their hips, and their hips tilt backward, yet they also sway forward.

Here are the big issues: the external obliques are weak, the hip flexors are weak, and the low back is likely tight.  

Ouch.  What can be done?
  1. Remember those basic principles, particularly rib placement.  When exercising pay close attention.  As you sit or stand, look in the mirror and align those ribs over the hips.  (You may need to sit on a platform or pillow to achieve proper positioning when performing sitting exercises).
  2. Awareness is everything.  Practice standing while looking in the mirror.  Shift your ribs forward.  Then adjust your pelvis.  Marvel at how great you look.  Practice this posture as often as possible so you can feel proper posture.    
  3. Strengthen the external obliques.  Practice the side plank.  Perfect the Obliques Roll Back, Side Twist Sitting, Side Bend, and Seal.
  4. Strengthen the hip flexors.  Sit with hands behind you, shoulder girdle stabilized.  Legs long.  Lift each leg 10 times in parallel, then 10 times with the legs laterally rotated.  Practice Knee Stretches, Half Roll Back, Hundred and Elephant.  
  5. Strengthen the upper back extensors.  If your low back is tight, prone exercises may be difficult to achieve without back pain.  Begin with Leg Pull Front Prep, Mid Back Series, Back Rowing Preps.  Then move on to Breast Stroke Preps and Swan. 

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