What's Your Healthy Living Plan this Holiday Season?

Make a healthy living plan so you can enter the new year without a weight loss goal
photo: Gracey
The holidays are fast approaching.  Do you have a healthy living plan?  If not, put one together now, because before you know it you will be carting kids to see Santa, racing to a Christmas cookie exchange, and slaving over the oven, making whatever the traditional fare is at your home.  At that point you may stop for a breath and think: What happened to my life?  When was the last time I ate a healthy home cooked meal?  The gym?  I can't remember the last time I got to my favorite yoga class, and right now my cardio entails racing around the mall, trying to purchase last minute gifts before the stores close.

Where is the sanity in this?  Without planning for a few sane moments of exercise, decompression, and healthy meals, it is likely to disappear, leaving you frazzled, stressed, and sporting a little extra padding around the hips (which is far from sexy).

This year, make it your goal to enter the New Year without a pesky weight loss resolution.  Here are some tips:

  1. Make appointments to go to the gym, and mark them in your calendar.  If you have the resources, make a few appointments with a personal trainer.  This is a slow time for trainers, so you may be able to book a great trainer that is usually hard to see.  These sessions can motivate and inspire, and a hectic time of year is a great time to become excited about healthy living.
  2. With all the holiday cooking, exhaustion may tempt you to order take-out a little too often.  Think about your favorite meals that are simple and easy.  Cook them.  Go out to a few restaurants where you know you can get a healthy meal.  In November, make a date with a friend to cook some healthy meals together.  Then throw your creations in the freezer and pull them out in December. 
  3. Never go to a cocktail party starving, as the food there is rarely healthy.  Once there, indulge on a few things and then step away from the food.  Keep your hands busy by holding a drink and a purse.  Focus on the people and the conversation for a great time, not the food.
  4. Don't over-schedule.  There are so many things to do during the holidays, and you may not be able to do all of them.  Recognize that so you don't end up stressed out by your schedule rather than excited about it.
Most importantly, don't forget to enjoy this special time of year.  You don't want to waste it fretting about diet and exercise.  What are your healthy living tips for the holidays?

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