Genetically Modified Salmon May be Coming to a Store Near You

Genetically altered salmon may be making its
way to your grocery store.
Photo: Matthew Hull
 This week, the FDA pronounced genetically modified salmon is safe to eat.  On Sept 19th and 20th, the organization will conduct public hearings.  Then it is expected to decide if the modified salmon you purchase in your grocery store has to be labeled as such, or if you will be purchasing the altered salmon without knowing it.

Am I the only one shocked by this?  

Seems to me that if we've learned anything over the last decade, it's that altering and tinkering with food supply can have many unintended, negative consequences.  These consequences span from health issues due to eating animals that have been injected with hormones and antibiotics, to environmental issues that crop up when animals are put in surroundings that are not natural to them.  (Think piles of manure that cannot be disposed of because too many animals are caged in too small an area).   

The salmon in question is injected with a growth hormone and a "switch" hormone.  The switch hormone turns the growth hormone on.  The resulting salmon grows all year round, rather than just once a year.  As a result, the new salmon grows twice as fast, creating food more quickly and cheaply.  

Hmmm.  Does this sound healthy?  I'll stick to my wild salmon, thank you very much.  Even if it is twice as expensive.

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