Can You Get a Better Workout if You Dress Fashionably?

You've probably heard it before: if you put effort into your appearance, it will make you feel good, confident, ready to take charge.  After all, that's exactly what the power suit is all about.  It gives you an attitude when wearing it; it makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Clearly there is some kind of link between what we wear and how we feel.  So why do so many of us put on our husband's old t-shirts or our own worn-out, shapeless college sweats when we go to the gym?  You may not feel like you want to spend money on clothes that you intend to sweat in, but I believe it is worth a bit of money and effort. 

Here's why: if you are wearing a killer pair of lululemon pants (you know, the ones that scuplt your ass in a way that no other pant can) and a top that highlights the curves and definition that you go to the gym to acquire, you will see the results of your work.  When you can see your muscles working, it is motivating.  When you see your body shape transforming, you become inspired.  When you look good, you want to look even better.  In short, you get a better workout.

In the photo below, I am wearing one of my favorite outfits.  It is a jacket by lululemon with, of course, the groove pant.  This outfit makes me feel good, and it looks good.  It tells people that I work out and I am proud of my accomplishment and, ahem, I look hot.  

Contrast that with the photo of me wearing my husband's old t-shirt (from our honeymoon) and a pair of my sweats that have been washed just enough to make it look like I've got a load in my pants because they sag in the butt.  

Are you inspired yet?  Put together an outfit that you look and feel good wearing; it is worth the effort.  Try lululemon for pants and jackets.  Try Nike and Adidas for great tops.  You might even go to your local department store to find some cool tees that you like.  (I tend to work out in a lot of clothing that isn't necessarily branded as fitness clothing).  

I guarantee you'll have more fun exercising, and you'll push yourself more.  That is why you are going, right?

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