What Makes Joseph Pilates so Romantic?

What is it about Joseph Pilates that is so mysterious and romantic? Is it his humble beginnings? Is it his profound intellect and forward thinking? Is it the beautiful and graceful women he trained and worked with?

When I came across these videos of Pilates, I have to say I was entranced. At the time, I imagine most people thought he was a nut, but today these videos reveal a genius that is both clear and engaging. In the first one, shot in his own apartment in NYC in 1936, Pilates demonstrates chair exercises to his wife, Clara. In the second, he trains his famous protege, Romana.

If you are familiar with Pilates exercises, you must take a look. These videos will inspire you to work just a little bit harder. They will urge you to dedicate more time to your practice and focus more completely on your form and your grace.

Inspiration, of course, always takes you beyond your current expectations:

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