Does Marriage Make You Fat?

Many women pack on the pounds after marriage.  Don't join the trend.
Photo: mensatic.
Is marriage making you fat? Yes, according to the Journal Obesity. Why?  Many experts believe you become lazy after walking down the aisle. You've already found your mate. You've already spent hours, weeks, months, maybe even years at the gym in the race to get the best man.  Now that the prize has been won, why exercise?  

Saddle bags?  Muffin top?  They come with the package.  They are a normal party of the aging process.  Anyway, your partner vowed to love you forever, right?  

Now if this were a Dr. Phil show, we'd be debating whether or not gaining weight after marriage is fair to the spouse.  Did you fool that spouse, luring him in and then letting yourself go?  Is he deserved in feeling duped?  Should he divorce you?  

Let's turn this argument around.  Let's focus on you instead.  What happened?  Why did you invest in your health for pure vanity and lose all desire to keep yourself healthy when the incentive disappeared?  Why not exercise to live a healthier, longer life?  Why not exercise to build beautiful muscle that enables you to dig deeply into all that life has to offer?

If you've put on a few pounds since tying the knot, you are not alone.  The statistics tell us that.  A few pounds don't permanently regulate you to the overweight category, though.  Slim down for yourself.  Exercise so you look and feel great.  It might even improve your marriage.  After all, a woman who confidently sports a LBD on date night commands love and attention.  That makes her sexy, and that can't hurt.

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