Can Americans Be Motivated to Combat Rising Obesity Rates?

For some incomprehensible reason, nothing seems to shock us into compliance when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. As a people, Americans continue to grow, despite education, law making, and support programs. What will it take for us to take control of this problem?

Below are a few statistics and thoughts that demonstrate just how disturbing the obesity crisis is. They shock me into action regularly. I hope they'll motivate you to get off your duff, move a bit, and eat more mindfully.

1. Obesity rates just keep rising, at a shocking level. Only one state in the country, Colorado, has an obesity rate less than 20%:

2. Military leaders recently deemed the obesity epidemic a national security threat, because our young people are too fat to defend the country. 27% of potential recruits are rejected because of weight issues
3. Over 64% of all Americans are considered either overweight or obese, according to the Obesity Society
4. A doctor was recently quoted in The New York Times, saying she counsels all residents to calculate patient BMIs, because we are so accustomed to seeing fat people that we can't spy a fat person with the naked eye anymore
5. The US spends 1.5 billion annually on healthcare costs related to obesity
6. Hospitals are now purchasing sturdier hospital beds, because they fear fat patients will break the ones they have
7. Business is booming for those who make oversized caskets. Goliath Casket owner Keith Davis says his caskets get 10-20% larger every year. He makes one that is the size of a compact car.
8. Maternity wards across the country need more powerful sonogram machines, as they are unable to properly monitor unborn children of obese mothers with the equipment they currently have.
9. According to the CDC 11% of toddlers are obese. 20% of children aged 6-11 years old are obese. 19% of adolescents are obese.
I just read that 56% of New Jersey residents are at risk of health complications due to obesity. 37% of residents are considered overweight. 22% are obese. The scary thing about these statistics is that compared to the national average, they aren't so bad. Two-thirds of all Americans are considered either overweight or obese.
10. 31% of the American diet consists of processed foods. We eat more processed foods than almost any other nation.

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