Do You Remember Your New Year's Resolutions?

Every year, millions of well intentioned Americans make New Year's Resolutions. With fresh energy and a turning point in the calendar year to propel us forward, we vow to lose weight, become physically fit, and eat fewer processed foods.

Then we go to the gym to find a 30 minute weight for cardio machines. We get busy with work and children, making food preparation a "nice to have" but certainly not a reality. Frozen dinners, take-out, and nights crashing on the couch occur a little too often.

What happened to your resolutions? Do you even remember them? If not, take heart.

Spring is a great season for making health and fitness goals. Spring is a season of hope that brings with it new life, new found daylight hours, and a pull to get outside after months of being holed up in the house.

Take advantage of your desire to get outside to enjoy the outdoors. Take your workout outside to invigorate your senses and add variety, enthusiasm and inspiration to your normal exercise routine. Get your children outside. Take small steps that you can accomplish to add more fresh foods to your diet. And enjoy cooking outdoors by adding an array of healthy fruits of vegetables to your grill this weekend.

Here's to your health and your goals. You can do it. Use spring as an excuse to make it happen.

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