It's Not Rocket Science: Model Healthy Living for Best Results

That old cliche "actions speak louder than words" is a cliche for a reason, right? After all, the idea of modeling behavior that you'd like to see in your children is considered a tried and true parenting strategy.

Modeling a healthy lifestyle for your children is one of the most precious gifts that you can offer them.

And you don't have to go crazy.

Put together an exercise plan for the week and stick with it. Tell your children you need to set this time aside to stay strong and healthy. Do not feel guilty about taking this time for yourself! Lord knows you need a vast store of energy to keep up with them!

Then, plan some family activities that will get your hearts pumping. Go out and ride on a bike trail. Take a walk in a local state park. Though you may not be able to rake the leaves and play in them just yet, you could definitely plan a trip to the country for apple and pumpkin picking. Pay the little extra to let the kids run around in the corn maze.

The last couple of weekends I've loved playing a 45-minute soccer game with my husband and children at the local middle school. Oh, to run around like a lunatic with one's 46-year-old husband and 2 and 4 year-old children! Talk about a stress buster! (Remember, you don't have to be good. I am, in general, pathetically inept when it comes to organized sports. It doesn't matter. Trust me: your kids don't care. They are happy to be out, enjoying fresh air and running around with their parents).

And with all of this good modeling, before you know it you will go down to your basement to work out and find something like this:

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