How Pilates Can Transform and Reform Your Body

I feel sore. You know, that good kind of sore that is deep within your muscles. The kind of sore that makes you say to yourself, "Yesterday's workout was a good one. It did my body good. I am on my way to being healthier and feeling better."

This past weekend I took my monthly trek into NYC to meet STOTT instructor trainer Tara Chauvin. This year, I've been seeing Tara primarily to fulfill continuing education credits, but I have other reasons as well.

Here's my dirty little secret: my body was ravaged by the miracle of childbirth. The doctor told me that my transversus muscle was so strong (from my diligent exercise) that I pushed my baby right through my tailbone, breaking it. After giving birth I couldn't sit for about 6 months. My lower back became so tight it was sore all of the time, especially after a night of sleep. I also developed terrible posture while pregnant, which only worsened after delivery as I carried my children afterward.

I became what they term a classic sway-back. I was shocked and dismayed each time I got out of the shower and looked at my profile. My rib cage was literally inches behind my hips. Terrible! A Pilates trainer with these issues? Horrifying! But I'm not done yet. I also began to suffer from a re-emergence of an old computer use injury, my thanks for getting a new job writing online.

Clearly, I was a mess, and I needed some help.

Because I am a certified Pilates trainer, I know how to address many of my problems. However, I needed a fresh eye on my body. I wanted someone that I could test my theories on. I wanted to understand more deeply how to address not only my issues, but those I might encounter in my clients.

So, despite the fact that I can ill afford her fee, I signed up for some sessions with Tara. We began with a review of my posture. Yes. I had sway-back. I was a perfect case study: how lovely.

Tara worked with me, telling me what exercises she was choosing and quizzing me on why. I tried to ask all the questions that I could, testing my own knowledge. After each session, I took my new knowledge home. I added new exercises to my repertoire. I expanded upon them based on our conversations. I formed a list of questions and ideas for our next session.

I've seen Tara 4 times now, and it's been worth every one of those 10,000 pennies. (Oh..sounds like a lot when you put it that way!) I'm learning, I'm expanding on my knowledge, and my body is finally starting to feel better. That really is what it is all about, isn't it? I'm not just spewing junk when I say that Pilates really is transformative. Get thee to a Pilates trainer; get a postural assessment. You can thank me later.

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