Cankle Busting: The Latest Gym Fad

Okay, ladies. Things have gotten out of hand. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that women have turned their exercise focus to the "cankle." If you have no idea what a cankle is, then God bless you. I am glad that you have not succumbed to fretting about the latest body part to grip the focus of otherwise stable, and emotionally even women.

The cankle is, simply put, a fat ankle. It gets its name from combining the words calf and ankle, and describes a calf that seems to lead right into the foot: the beautiful taper that the ankle affords is largely absent.

What to do? Well, we are in America, so as long as you have money to throw at the problem, you have options. Gyms have come up with all kinds of fitness programs to target that pesky ankle fat. Gold's Gym even has a website dedicated to fixing this problem. (Let me let you in on a secret, dear reader, you cannot spot train. Please do not be seduced by training regimens for your cankles).

Plastic surgeons are looking to get in on some of the cankle action, too. It seems your surgeon will perform a bit of lipo to relieve you of your ankle fat. It will cost you, though. Expect to shell out between $4,000 and $6,000 for the procedure.

You can even buy a circulation booster to counteract any fluid retention that may be contributing to your unsightly cankles:

In all seriousness, though, there is a real problem with this new obsession. Body image is a struggle for all of us: everyone succumbs to the pressures of looking beautiful at one point or another. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to look one's best. But to turn one's focus to ankle fat is a bit over the top.

Exercise to keep your overall weight down. Strength train to keep your muscles and bones strong. Both will make you feel healthy and sexy. Both will make your overall physique leaner and sexier. There is certainly nothing sexier than a woman who strives for strength and health, no matter what size her ankles may be.

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