Stability Ball Humor

Nowadays, the stability ball is a regular fixture at the gyms. You probably know why: it can take any standard workout to the next level by challenging the body in unique ways.

The stability ball's surface requires you to recruit many muscle fibers to stabilize on it, thereby adding a whole new dimension to your workout. Abdominal curls on a flat surface are nothing compared to curls on the ball, where your entire body is working to keep you from falling off the darn thing.

Because the ball is such an effective training tool, there are some who have decided that we ought not leave it at the gym. Why not get the same kind of results while sitting on it in our homes or offices? Call me crazy, but I don't believe that the stability ball is a professional looking office chair. As for the home, I'd prefer to unwind with a glass of wine on my sofa, not my stability ball.

Besides, there are office hazards to think about. Please, people, if you take a ball to work, don't give it to an unsuspecting colleague who is likely to kill himself on it:

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