What Is The Stability Chair?

At first, Pilates equipment can look, well, bizarre.

The Stability Chair is no exception:

So what does this medieval looking machine do?

The Stability Chair facilitates a full body workout and helps to restore muscular balance and stability. Like all Pilates equipment, it is extremely versatile:
  • It can be used with or without handles
  • The pedal can be split or left intact
  • The springs can be adjusted to create a lot or a little tension
  • Exercises can be performed while sitting, standing or lying on the chair
  • Exercises can be performed while sitting standing or lying on the floor
In short, the Stability Chair can be transformed to deliver 58 different exercises, not to mention hundreds of modifications to those exercises.

The chair differentiates itself from the Cadillac and the Reformer in that it has a smaller base of support than they do. This makes it a very challenging machine, and it explains why some have dubbed it the "man's machine."

The men I've trained tend to love 2 things about the chair: 1) the smaller base of support translates into great muscular challenge, and 2) the choreography tends to be less involved.

(Of course this is not to say that men cannot love choreography and the challenge to grace and balance that it brings. Nor does it mean that women don't love a muscular challenge ).

I've also found that people who love traditional strength training do well when you ease them into Pilates by presenting them with some of the chair exercises first.

Even as I've touted this machine as difficult, it is a great machine for those who have limitations: it lends itself well to those who need to exercise in a seated position.

Most importantly, though, the chair is a restorative machine. Like all Pilates equipment, its use can restore the natural curves of the spine and correct muscular imbalances, making you healthy, centered, and ready to conquer every day tasks.

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