Make Your Four-Year-Old Useful

Four-year-old son: "Mommy, when are we going to exercise?"

Me: "I thought we would take the day off today."

Son: "Why?" Lip quivering.

Me: "It's nice to take a day off every once in a while."

Son: "But I want to exercise. Come on! Come on!" he cries, pulling at my clothes

Guilt begins to set in. I am a trainer, after all.

Me: "Well...okay. I might as well get a jump start on my exercise this week. Let's get our water."

I promise I'm not making this up. My four-year-old is useful from time to time.

How did this bizarre conversation come to be? Here's my secret to exercise consistency: my son's toys are located next to my equipment.

He is not concerned about my health. Nor is he concerned about my workout schedule.

He wants to play with his Thomas train set.

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