Serena, Madonna, Kelly: Can They Help You?

Do you believe that following Faith Hill's workout will solve your workout woes? If you had a sneak peek at Jessica Simpson's routine, would it motivate you? Unless you are made of money, you probably aren't going to run out to hire Madonna's trainer. Will the six exercises that she shares in your favorite fitness magazine make you leap off that couch, save American Idol for another day, and hit the gym?

My guess is no.

I understand that people love celebrities. But really. What does the average person glean from these articles? Yes. You may read them with interest and take away a few tips. You may try the workouts.

But how long does your interest last? Are you going to walk away with Beyonce's butt if you try all of her butt enhancing exercises? Are those exercises even the right ones for you?

What works for these celebrities may not work for you because one's lifestyle, genetics, interests, time, and money dramatically effect outcomes.

Case in point: it's fantastic that Kelly Ripa has recovered her body after having three kids. But she is not trying to exercise at the same time that she is caring for those kids, running the house, and working to bring in some extra income. She also has a trainer to keep her motivated, focused, and informed about the latest fitness and nutritional trends.

Go ahead and clip the celebrity inspired exercises that look interesting to you. Try them out at the gym and see if you like them. Share them with friends and get their ideas about the best exercises for blasting abs, butt, or whatever zone you are interested in.

But make sure that you step back and look at the overall picture when putting your health plan together. It should be achievable given your individual interests and constraints. It should contain precise goals for diet, cardio, and strength. And it should contain rewards that you are truly motivated by.

Did someone say a pedicure with your BFF sans kids? Now that's something worth working toward.

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