Recession Proof Exercise Ideas

So if you are like me, you may not quite recognize your life anymore. Perhaps you've had to cut down on those mani/pedis or those Brazilian waxes that your husband loves so much. Perhaps your house is on the market and you are now forced to look at crappy rentals. Perhaps you've had to pull your children out of private schools and send them to public schools.

I sympathize. I understand. It is all happening to me as well. But one thing I know is this: it is free to love your family, and it is free to exercise. So, here are 10 recession proof ways to get in your exercise. Hey, since you don't have any money any more, you'll need to think of free things to do, and this is free and good for you. How about that?
  1. Have sex. (Had to put that one in for my husband).
  2. Take your kids out to ride their bikes. Run after them.
  3. Store your laundry bins on the second floor. Run up and down the stairs as you carry clothes from one level to the other. Do at least one load a day.
  4. Get out to one of the beautiful parks around your house and hike the trails with the family. Here in NJ, we love the reservation for walks that are easy with kids.
  5. Bounce up and down on a stability ball with a child on each knee while listening to KT Tunstall. Sing at the top of your lungs for a minimum of 3 songs.
  6. Lie on your back. Give airplane rides to your children. Fly them over your head and back 10 times. Hopefully you have 3 kids, then you'll get a great upper back workout.
  7. Turn on top 40 hits and dance with your kids. Give each one a chance to be thrown around. Believe me, this will leave you breathless if you do it with gusto.
  8. Exercise with your children around and teach them the simple ones. Before you know it, they will be proudly performing downward dog with you. Who ever knew that you could actually accomplish something for yourself when your kids weren't otherwise occupied? (Note, bring toys into the room for them to play with as well, just in case they get distracted).
  9. Offer to walk your neighbor's dog. Hey, maybe you could get a couple of bucks for it, too.
  10. Ask your child to lie on the floor with his head facing you. Get in the push-up position. Kiss him each time you get into the low push-up position. Come to think of it, you could do this with your husband or significant other as well, then carry on with suggestion #1.
Enjoy getting fit!

And, if perchance, the above seems too mundane and you have money to spend, please let me help you out. Pilates is an amazing, restorative type of exercise, and I'd love to teach you all about it.

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