Jiggly Spots

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How do I get rid of this flabby (insert body part)? Let me let you in on a dirty little secret: this is the most common and also the most dreaded question that clients ask trainers. Why is this a feared question, you ask? Isn't a trainer paid to tell you how to blast your thighs, butt, and that flabby, hanging part underneath your arm? If he or she can't, you may think, whatever is a trainer for? And what have I been wasting my money on?

Here is the secret that you need to be in on: the idea of zeroing in on one body part, also termed "spot training," is highly ineffective. Some even call it a training myth!


Now before you trade in your gym membership for a standing date at the local pub with the girls, let me clarify things here. Not all is lost. You can focus on trouble areas, but if you hate your thighs, going to the gym to perform every exercise you can think of for your thighs will most likely leave you sorely disappointed.

This is why:
Just as with everything in life, taking a multi-faceted approach to eliminating your trouble spot is the most effective and promising way to go. Training those thighs will not result in visible results, for example, if you have a big layer of fat covering them. And let's be honest here, if you have jiggly spots, you probably have a little bit of extra fat that you could get rid of.

Here's what to do:
1) Create an overall strength training routine to increase your total lean muscle mass. This means giving fair attention to each of the major muscle groups rather than focusing solely on your trouble areas. Doing so will rev up your metabolism because muscle burns more calories than fat does.
2) Increase your cardio activities to burn calories and get rid of that excess fat. This will ensure that all the hard work you do to tone up won't be hidden under a layer of fat.
3) Be aware of what you put in your mouth, and exercise moderation. This may be the hardest part, as I know Americans aren't good at exercising moderation. Just look at our track record: we are always looking for diets that allow us to eat an unlimited amount of something, whether it be meat, grapefruit or some other food. But, perhaps as we all re-learn how to practice fiscal restraint in the coming months we can begin to apply it to other areas of our lives as well. Oh to be fit and to be rich! What a great idea.

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