A Beautiful Ass Without Working Out?

Almost every one of my clients has, at one point or another, asked me where I buy my awesome exercise clothes.

Yes, of course I am in good shape and clothes generally fit me well. I mean, you can hardly call yourself a trainer and recruit clients with a big belly hanging over your pants.

However, I have to let you in on this secret: there is a company that makes exercise pants that can make your ass look like you hit the gym daily and pay a trainer $1,000 a month to sculpt it into a beautiful piece of art.

In fact, I think that if I worked in the marketing division of this company I would have to suggest that their tag line be something like, "we make every butt look beautiful," or "making the world beautiful, one butt at a time." Why am I so convinced? I have seen them on thousands of different bodies, and they truly flatter every butt that I have ever seen.

So who makes these wonderful, magical pants? They are made by a very cool Canadian company, lululemon. (Very cool, that is, even though they don't mention how great their workout wear is for Pilates).

Where you can get your pants is a bit trickier, because it is not easy to find a lululemon store, and finding boutiques that carry their merchandise can be difficult as well. I used to buy my magic pants at a specialty yoga shop near my house. That shop recently went out of business. Now if I need to replenish my pants supply, I make the trek into NYC to visit one of lululemon's stores. Unfortunately for me and my husband (yes, your husband will be an instant fan as well), this rarely happens.

Take heart, though. There is good news: I just visited the lululemon site where they have announced that online shopping will be coming soon! This is wonderful news for all of us: it is great news for our asses, our egos, and our love lives. So hang tight.

In the meantime, I suggest that you go straight to the site and supply lululemon with your e-mail address so that the good employees of the company can have the pleasure of informing you just when you will be able to purchase your butt beautifying pants.
I guarantee that you will love these pants, and I swear, I am not on their payroll. Come to think of it, maybe I should be....

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